Climate Change and Chemical Safety

Climate Change, Chemical Safety, and Resilience

This no-cost, 3-hour virtual Zoom course is focused on decreasing the risk of hazardous chemical releases and other hazards related to extreme weather events, such as storms and floods, associated with climate change, and thereby increasing worker and community health and safety. Participants assess the risks of extreme weather events to their organization or institution, to consider how to best control or reduce hazards, and to plan next steps in their own work settings in preparing for severe weather events.

Topics include: current climate science and its relevance to community preparedness; policies and resources for hazardous chemical users, such as toxics use reduction; risk assessment of extreme weather events and hazardous materials use and storage; develop emergency preparedness plans to reduce toxics use, enhance control of hazardous materials, and apply best practices, in order to enhance safety for workers and the community and to increase climate change resiliency; and, impact of climate change on mental health and developing resilience at different levels.